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Marconi-RCA Wireless Museum
Summer Speaker Series
-- July thru September

CMMC is sponsoring a summer-long series of presentations, this year along with its Marconi-RCA Wireless Museum focusing on events during World War II, plus two special Summer Science-related programs. Weekly Thursday evening presentations begin July 16 and run through September 24.

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CMMC is again pleased to announce our Summer Science Courses for kids entering grades 2-12. We are offering sixteen one-week courses this year on a variety of topics including astronomy, marine environment, robotics, physics, chemistry, navigation, and movie making. The courses will be held at the new STEM Education Center on our CMMC campus.

We are excited about this wonderful opportunity to engage our children during the summer. We hope you'll be able to take advantage of it. Space is limited so be sure to sign up early.

Click here to see descriptions of the courses and registration information.

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Sign up now for this new workshop where you will learn how to send and receive secret messages. Learn the history of secret codes and encryption. Students will take away materials for continued discovery and learning.

Click here to see the details and to register for this fun new Saturday workshop. Scroll to the bottom of the course listings.

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Videos, activites, and interactive displays appeal to all ages including young students, Titanic buffs, Radio buffs and WWII vets. New and expanded exhibits are here!

We are located at 847 Orleans Rd (Route 28) in Chatham MA 02633.

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We have been able to build CMMC with the ongoing support of our members and friends. Membership opportunities continue: Become a Member of CMMC and enjoy the benefit of admissions, plus special member events.
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Guglielmo Marconi
Guglielmo Marconi
This website opens the door to the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center (CMMC), where visitors of all ages can learn, interact and value the rich history of wireless communications on Cape Cod. You are invited to join us at CMMC for a better understanding of how communications science and technology have changed our lives. (See hours below.)

CMMC Tells Chatham's World War II Story... Now!

Chatham’s top-secret role in defeating the Germans during World War II comes alive this summer as we pay homage to the 70th anniversary of the war’s end.

The museum opens June 20th for two days during Chatham History Weekend (Saturday admission is free). Regular summer-season hours, Tuesday-Sunday, commence June 27th. Click on the Visit Us tab on the left side of this page for details.

Stalking the U-Boats: Chatham Radio 1942-1945 is the theme for special exhibits. The Thursday evening Summer Speaker Series will also follow a World War II theme.

The museum salutes Chatham Radio's crucial top-secret role during World War II. The Navy’s "Station C” located marauding German U-Boats and intercepted their Enigma-encrypted radio messages, which was a key to winning The Battle Of The Atlantic.

A new interactive display features both a real German Enigma-cypher machine and an electronic Enigma simulator, which will allow visitors to encrypt and decipher their own messages. The Enigma was a central figure in last year’s Oscar-nominated The Imitation Game.

Other interactive exhibits, including learning Morse code and tracing a ship-to-shore telegram through all of its steps, fill the museum, which traces 100 years of wireless communications.

Annual Meeting - Secrets of the Enigma - May 9

The whole story behind the breaking of German secret codes during the Second World War was at the heart of Dr. Thomas Perera's keynote speech at CMMC's annual meeting on Saturday May 9.

Dr. Thomas Perera, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus at Montclair State University in New Jersey. He is the author of Inside ENIGMA--the Secrets of the Enigma and Other Cipher Machines, and is a world-renowned curator and collector of Enigma machines.

Prof Perera

Dr. Perera described the German U-boat threat to the Allies in World War II, and the role of the Enigma Machine in sending encrypted instructions to the U-boats. He explained how the messages were eventually intercepted (here in Chatham) and deciphered, hastening the defeat of the U-boat fleet and the end of the war.

CMMC and the Chatham Orpheum bring The Imitation Game "Home"

Thanks to CMMC, anyone who attended showings of The Imitation Game at the Orpheum Theater received additional insight into the secret German code operations of World War II, and how the U.S. Navy top-secret “Station C” on Ryders Cove played its part in the defeat of the Nazis.

The movie explains how the Nazi Enigma codes were broken, enabling the Allies to understand secret German military messages. CMMC will provide a short video [click below to see the video] for each showing of The Imitation Game - depicting how the Enigma Cipher Machine worked.

Enigma Machine

This authentic Enigma cipher machine is part of CMMC’s Marconi-RCA Wireless Museum 2015 salute to Chatham Radio’s classified wartime role. The museum, located within the aforementioned Station C operations building, opens for the summer season on Chatham’s History Weekend, June 20. It will feature expanded exhibits about the Navy Years including this Enigma, a hands-on Enigma-based coding and encryption experience, special events and presentations by WWII experts.

Chatham Navy Radio played a significant role in defeating the Germans during the World War II Battle of the Atlantic by intercepting Enigma-encrypted wireless messages between German headquarters and its ships at sea, passing the intercepts on to Washington, DC for decoding. In addition, as the control station for the east-coast direction-finding network, Station C directed the search for telltale radio signals that allowed enemy vessels to be located and tracked.

CMMC video introduction to The Imitation Game
This video is a production of the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center (c) 2015. Embedded Enigma video clip is used with permission of Tom Perera, PhD founder of the Enigma Museum.

CMMC WWII video features the Battle of the Atlantic.

To see more about the video's creator, Ed Fouhy, and its background, click here to view the article published in the Cape Cod Chronicle (c) 2011, used with permission.
The Marconi-RCA National Register District is a 13 acre site that complements the modest, finely crafted buildings, built in 1914, common in the early 20th century. Full exterior Historic Restoration of all 10 buildings on the site had been completed by the Town of Chatham in 2008. Interior renovations, including full ADA compliance, were completed by CMMC, in the Operating Building, ("Marconi-RCA Wireless Museum") in 2010 and the former Hotel Nautilus ("Education Center") in 2014, Recent exterior renovations by the Town of Chatham added ADA access and landscaping. Click on this link for a short history of the campus.